Tokaji Furmint Brut 2016

Tokaji Furmint Brut 2016

All the charm of furmint.

0,75 L
The style of our sparkling wine is determined by the varietal characteristics of the furmint. Furmint makes an excellent base wine, with good and long ageing potential. After stabilisation, the finished base wine is bottled in Budafok, where it is then further fermented and matured. The process takes at least 18 months before disgorgement. To flavour the wine, we use a special dosage of ripe furmint, which results in a pale yellow sparkling wine with a very intense perlage.

The ageing over several years and the perfect carbonation of the wine not only refine the acidity, but also introduce aromas of sweet spices such as cloves and cinnamon. Upon tasting, the flavours and aromas of quince, citruses, and mango blend together, and the authentic Tokaji character and subtle minerality emerge.

Furmint sparkling wine pairs well with heavier dishes (even red meat) but can also be a pleasant accompaniment to an afternoon or evening conversation. Best served chilled at 7-8°C.
Category Premium
Color white
Taste brut
Year 2016
Varietal Furmint
Size 0,75 L

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