Prestige Brut Magnum 2008

Prestige Brut Magnum 2008

The preservation of traditions and the creativity of a sparkling winemaker in a single bottle.

1,5 L
All the aromas and flavours of a fine cuvée of pinot blanc base wine in a magnum bottle. The long ageing, manual riddling and disgorgement make our sparkling wine truly special and a unique tasting experience. It is a traditional sparkling wine with a wealth of notes such as pastry and a subtle yeasty character. Alongside these are flavours and aromas of ripe peach and almond.

Gourmands’ sparkling wine, best served at 6-7°C.
Category Magnum
Color white
Taste brut
Year 2007
Varietal Chardonnay
Size 1,5 L

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