Mini Sweet

Mini Sweet

Sweet aromas in a small bottle.

0,187 L
It is said that “the customer is king”, and we certainly believe that. We know that many sparkling wine lovers look for sweet versions. So, to achieve this as harmoniously as possible, and to avoid masking the classic flavours completely with a sweet finish, we choose the base wine to match this vision.

Pinot blanc is used to make a sparkling wine that changes its character the least because of the higher sugar content. Using a unique liqueur d’expedition wine, we adjust the sugar content of the finished sparkling wine to 50 g/L, which may seem less because of the lively, delicate acidity.

Its richness of flavours and delicacy make it an excellent accompaniment to desserts with fruits, chilled at 7-8°C.
Category Mini
Color white
Taste sweet
Varietal Pinot blanc
Size 0,187 L

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