Jubileum (Jubilee) Brut Magnum 2000

Jubileum (Jubilee) Brut Magnum 2000

Our magnum sparkling wine made to celebrate the millennium.

1,5 L
Our special sparkling wine to commemorate the millennium. Matured in magnum bottles according to the rules of traditional French sparkling wine making, with manual riddling and disgorgement to preserve the unique aromas, flavours, and fine carbonation of the ageing process. The long ageing process has resulted in the development of specific flavours and aromas in the sparkling wine, which may at first seem unusual. The primary characters are only barely discernible. Matured, pastry, yeasty, almondy notes with a subtle dill finish.

Best served chilled at 6-8°C.
Category Magnum
Color white
Taste brut
Year 2000
Varietal Chardonnay
Size 1,5 L

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