Evolution Rosé Brut Magnum 2016

Evolution Rosé Brut Magnum 2016

How did an accident thought to be a mistake turn into one of the world's most difficult to make sparkling wines? This is evolution!

1,5 L
Sparkling wines aged in magnum bottles mature more slowly than their normal size counterparts, and it takes place on a larger surface area due to the volume of the bottle, so they retain their primary flavour and aroma characteristics for longer. The sweet-tart flavours of strawberry, wild raspberry, and cherry are the first notes, followed by faint yeasty aromas.

Pairs well with pasta, tomato, duck, goose, and lamb dishes, chilled at 6-8°C.
Category Magnum
Color rosé
Taste brut
Year 2016
Varietal Pinot noir
Size 1,5 L

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