Sparkling Wine Categories

The type of sparkling wine one prefers to drink is entirely a matter of taste. As a sparkling wine house, we encourage everyone to try as many different types of products as possible, as our own preferences are mainly based on our experience. Besides, the thrill of tasting is an adventure in itself.

Nevertheless, we have also set up a system for categorising our sparkling wines to help our customers make their choices. Below we would like to give you a little help with this, and to whet people’s appetite for adventure who are just trying it out.



Our basic category includes sparkling wines without a vintage designation, i.e. Non Vintage. The base wines are always made from a single vintage and blended according to that vintage, but cannot be linked to a specific grape variety. They are disgorged after a shorter ageing period of 12-18 months.

The idea behind the Classic category is to create the perfect, straightforward sparkling wine: a characteristic Brut, a playful Dry, or even a Sweet with the sweetness of fruits. The important thing is that the sparkling wine is honest and flawless in its own right.



The category of so-called single-varietal sparkling wines, characterised by the fact that they are made using a single grape variety. Our category includes Non Vintage and Vintage designated sparkling wines. In addition to the basic French varieties – such as pinot noir, pinot blanc, and chardonnay –, we at Garamvári also like to use furmint grapes.

With the Premium category, the sparkling wine producer intends to showcase the special grape varieties and the terroir of South Balaton. Many sparkling wines emphasise the unique varietal character of the grape, adding interesting flavours and aromas to the tasting experience.



The base wine for Vintage sparkling wine can only be made from the perfect harvest of the perfect vintage. Recognising the best vintages and making the most of the opportunity is of great importance, but just as important is the blending of the wines used to make these sparkling wines. They receive the greatest attention: we use a special liqueur d’expedition to shape them into their final form, after a minimum of 24 months of ageing.


MAGNUM *******

The magnum bottles of one and a half litres do not stand out simply because of their impressive size and larger capacity: they are the queens of sparkling wines and they deserve their name. The autolysis process over a larger surface area reveals a myriad of unique aromas and flavours that would otherwise remain hidden, and their size also means they retain their freshness for longer. In the case of magnum sparkling wines, it is true that more is better.

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