Science of Sparklings

Besides Vencel Garamvári’s professional experience of 40 years, almost a decade of technological and on-site preparation preceded the birth of Garamvári sparkling wines. Development and the renovation of the cellar in Budafok were of great importance as well.

For us, the most important thing is to turn an impeccable quality base wine into sparkling wine in a way that preserves all the noble aromas and delicate flavours that have been created during fermentation and ageing. With this in mind, we have developed our technology according to the rules of the Champagne method. All of our modern equipment is made in the Champagne region and in Italy, and is practically identical to the machines used in today's world-famous French sparkling wine factories.



To make the perfect base wine, we use our 10.5 hectares of chardonnay and 8.5 hectares of pinot noir vineyards around Balatonlelle, complemented by 2-2 hectares of furmint and pinot blanc plantations. The grapes are received and transported by gravity to a special press with cooling, where 60-62% of the free-run juice and the first fraction can be turned into sparkling base wine.

For the fermentation of the base wine, we have chosen a yeast strain that is not only efficient and guarantees a clean fermentation (at low temperature), but also excellent in terms of flavour and aroma.



The new wine travels from our production facility in Balatonlelle to Budafok and is further matured in stainless steel tanks in our sparkling wine cellar. The bottling is scheduled for the months of March and April of the year following the harvest, and is prepared with great care.



After the bottles are filled, the fermentation and ageing process takes place in the cool cellar at a natural and uniform temperature of 12-14°C provided by the limestone. This process lasts 24-36 months, during which the bottles undergo the yeast autolysis process that guarantees the full expression of the traditional sparkling wine character.



One of the last stages of traditional sparkling wine production is the clearing of the sparkling wine, i.e. the removal of the lees from the bottles. Nowadays, this process is carried out mechanically.

The automatic riddling machine shakes the sparkling wine in 65 steps over a period of one week, and then gradually moves the bottles from a horizontal position to a vertical one. This causes the sediment to collect in a plastic basket in the crown cap. The first step in the disgorging process is to seal the lees in an ice plug (i.e. freeze) and then to remove it by loosening the crown cap and using the 6 bar overpressure in the bottle.

To the clarified sparkling wine a liqueur d’expedition is added in the quantity and composition appropriate to its character, which gives the finished sparkling wine its true character.



The sparkling wines arrive on the table of our customers exactly in the same bottle in which they were matured, shaped, and finally born over many months, with the hope that we have created a true and eternal value that you can sip from your glass.

Each bottle is unique, and each tasting is a unique experience. However, what we can guarantee is the quality of our sparkling wines, because they are all GARAMVÁRI.

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