Sínai Cabernet Franc

3 800 Ft

The wine excels by its distinct notes of dried-plum, tobacco leaves and some dark chocolate.

It is recommended to taste this wine with roast meats, steaks and wild games, chilled to 16-18 Celsius.



This grape of ours excels this year as a virgin vintage. 2015 produced a truly excellent quality, at this time Cabernet Franc debuted as a varietal wine instead of a blend, as many times before.
The wine spent 15 months in Hungarian 500L oak casks before bottling took place. In order to preserve fruitiness the wine did not receive filtering.



A complex and long lasting wine in the mouth. As for bouquet and taste primary, forest fruits of various blue berries dominate, rounded out by subtle spicyness. The gulp is escorted by mild tannins, highlighting the fruity aromas.



Consumption is preferred chilled to 16-18 °C for Hungarian-style dishes and games.