Délidőlő Chardonnay – Southern Slope Chardonnay

2 290 Ft

Fine bouquet and aromas coming from ripe and somewhat shrivelled grapes are matching well with concentrated alcoholic- and acid content. Fort he senses it  might be misleading as we can associate it with a sweet wine, but when tasting we come across an expressedly dry palate.

We recommend consumption on the temperature of 12 Celsius. It goes well with more solid dishes, like pork or veal chops.



The varietal Chardonnay is of French origin; the most expanded grape variety of Champagne and Burgundy.  Our vines undergo a strict limitation of yields coming from our vineyard „Tóthegy”.  Harvest is completed at full maturity, at this time botrytis can appear on the berries.
This peculiar wine which reminds us of the Summer is intensive in both nose and taste, and is only manufactured in exceptionally good vintages.



Fine and ripened bouquet appears completed with honey flavors deriving from shriveled grapes that blend in perfectly with the concentrated alcohol and acid content. While tasting, it is somewhat tricky, for by the taste one could associate with a sweet wine, though in the mouth the dryness is evident.



Consumption is recommended chilled to 12 °C for fried pork or veal or any such delicious, juicy meat.