3 150 Ft

In its nose egzotic fruityness is blended with the spicy notes coming from oak-ageing, like those of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg; in its bouquet it carries the aromas of a velvety smooth, rounded, full-bodied red.

The purple-coloured wine starts with a cool fruit tone, though with airing a bit it changes dynamically: it deploys thyme, anis and herbs.

Consumtion is ideal chilled to 16-17 Celsius. It is a classic seak wine.



The first Syrah vines were planted in 2004 at „Botné” vineyard and it gave its first outstanding yield in the year 2006. The grapes are picked selected, strictly in full maturity, when their sugar concentration reach 21,5-22 MM. Afterwards the wine is placed into oak casks of 15-25 hectoliters.
Thanks to oak ageing it preserves its spicy character and the secondary notes do not overpower its primary fruitiness. This wine is only made in the best vintages, such as the 2006, 2009, 2012, and 2015 vintages. The latest is still under ageing in oak.



In its aroma, the exotic fruity and spicy characters go well with oak ageing and the integrated cinnamon, and vanilla notes, while the bouquet deploys a velvety, smooth, full-bodied red.
The purple-colored wine kicks off with a cool, fruity nose meanwhile it is dynamically changing its taste: at airing it shows off thyme, anise and herbal tones.



Consumption is recommended chilled to 16-17 °C. A classic steak wine.