ARS POETICA The sparkling wine is a phoenix without plumage,– as wine is born from the grapes –,where the warmth is given by the rays of the Sun, the salt comes from the perspiration of wine labourers, its face is defined by the talent of the winemaker, and when sparkling wine is born it dies as a wine to be reborn as an elegant, unique, slim and airy nectar, that sneaks into our soul and gives joy to it.



Alongside with professional experience of 40 years, it needed a decade long, special technological and spot preparation so that with the professional leadership of Vencel Garamvári sparkling wine making could be launched in the Budafok Cellars, and Garamvári sparklings could be born.

Most important aspect was that the outstanding quality base wine would turn into a sparkling in a way, that all the bouquet and aroma materials created during the fermentation and ageing could be preserved to the maximum.

That’s why we built our sparkling wine making on the basis of the traditional French School.

The necessary equipment for sparkling wine making, including machinery, were manufactured in or in the surroundings of Champagne, so our technology coincides with that adopted in the world-famous sparkling wine factories. However, Garamvári sparklings would – in the first place – like to comply with the domestic needs and taste, putting in the forefront the domestic requirements, and varietal needs.

Excellent quality sparkling can only be made out of an appropriate quality base wine. Therefore we hold 12 hectares of Chardonnay, 7 hectares of Pinot Noir, and, as a complementing grape, Pinot Blanc in the vinyards of Balatonlelle. At harvest sugar content in each case reaches 18 MM, while acidity acquires 7-8 grams/litre.

Harvest is followed by prompt processing of the grapes, first by gentle pressing, then by chilled fermentation.



From the processing plant the new wine goes to Budafok, where it is being matured in stainless steel tanks of the Sparkling Cellar. Filling takes place the next year, int he months of March and April. Preparations always are performed with utmost care.




Following the process of filling the bottles spend the period of fermentation and maturation on cool cellar temperature, around 12-14 Celsius. During their maturation of 24-36 months the bottle of sparklingwine undergoes the process of yeast-autolysis, which guarantees the appearance of the traditional sparkling wine character.



The bottom line of this process is to clean the sparkling, during which the sediment is removed from the bottles.

The procedure today is performed with automatic equipment, called giropalette. The automatic riddling of the sparkling goes off within a week, in 65 steps, then resets the position of horizontally lying bottles into a vertical position. To this effect the sediment gathers in the little plastic basket within the crowncap.

First step of disgorging is to close this sediment into an icecap, which is virtually freezing it. Frozen icecap will be ejected with the help of the overpressure of 6 bars, created in the bottle, and for this procedure we first mechanically loosen up the crowncap. After that step we add a determined amount and constitution of expedition liquor, thus providing the category to our sparkling.