ARS POETICA Winemaking is a commitment, a passion. At the same time it is a walk of life. The winemaker in each moment breethes together with nature, the landscape and the growth of the vines.
The secret power of earth, the warmth of the sun and the taste of rain ripen our grapes, but besides the natural elements there stands the spirit of a winemaker, his imagination and his faith in constant change and hard work.
The acquired professional knowledge and the experience of long years will help him to find his own way and that it can all be present in each bottle.

5.38 ha Blauburger: 1.6 ha Merlot: 1.68 ha Chardonnay: 2.1 ha

This is one of the most extended, south-east sloping vinyard of the Balatonlelle district which would be the easiest to approach from the Roman way, and is located within eyeshot from the seat of the winery.

These plantations are situated on one of the highest tops of the vinyard, in a place best exposed to sun heat which ensure the good ripening of red grapes. Here we apply low cordon cultivation and spur pruning, completed with the green labour made at the right time and to the right extent. All these factors make possible a restriciton in yield and to gain a high-quality wine standard.

Soil type:
Good quality brown forest soil.

‘KOKASHEGY’ 3.27 ha Cabernet Sauvignon: 1.5 ha Sauvignon Blanc: 1.3 ha Cabernet Franc: 0.47 ha

This vinyard extends int he borders of the settlement Balatonboglár. It is one of its largest vinyards completely apt for cultivating red vines.

On the lower, south-soutwestern slopes the white vine Sauvignon Blanc plantations, while on the higher slopes lie the red Cabernet Sauvignon, reclaiming more sunshine and a longer ripening period.

Soil type:
A somewhat compact soil with clay, but very rich in nutrients.

‘RÓZSAPUSZTA’ 8.91 ha Merlot: 7.46 ha
Cabernet Franc: 1.45 ha

This vinyard is situated on the border of the two settlements, Balatonlelle and Balatonboglár, and is of pictorial beauty, where the grapes ovelook the lake.

This is a vinyard of versatile gradient.It is already exposed to the morning sun, while also receiving an afternoon sunlight, therefore optimal for cultivating red vines.

Soil type:
Of loose structure, rich in nutrients.

‘SÍNAI TETŐ’ 7.87 ha Pinot Noir: 1 ha
Cabernet Sauvignon
és Cabernet Franc: 6.8 ha

The vinyard is located on the border of the settlement Szőlősgyörök, with an orientation, soil and microclimate unique to the South-Balaton.

It is of west-, southwestern orientation, where we maintain low-cordon, spur-pruning, restricted yield vine stocks. In good vintages the red wines coming from here are unrivalled.

Soil type:
Loess soil with high lime- and clay content.

19.35 ha Cabernet Sauvignon: 5.05 ha; Merlot: 2.7 ha Pinot Noir: 2.15 ha; Syrah: 1.45 ha
Sauvignon Blanc: 1.2 ha; Királyleányka 0.4 ha
Cserszegi fűszeres: 2 ha; Furmint: 2 ha
Pinot Blanc: 1.2 ha; Irsai Olivér: 1,2 ha

These are the territories situated around our winery.

The rows are of north-south orientation, so that the wine can transfer humidity at dawn from among the rows. It is specially convenient for red vines, good water supply and nutrient-rich soil, perfectly apt for cultivating nice reds.

Soil type:
Settled loess base stone.

16.9 ha Chardonnay: 4.5 ha
Pinot Noir: 3.3 ha
Kadarka 1 ha
Merlot: 5.3 ha
Muskotály: 2.8 ha

One of our most valuable vinyards, which we planted with mostly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir clones apt for the making of base wine for the sparklings.

Red vines grow on the higher, level plain, while the eastern, sunny slopes make way for the Chardonnay and Muscat types.

Soil Type:
Ramman-style brown forest soil, the main type of the soils belonging to Central-, and Southern-Europe

1.9 ha Chardonnay: 1.9 ha

In this vinyard our firm owns a 2-hectare plantation of Chardonnay. Orientation is of south-, southeast, soil is rich in nutrients.

In good vintages.when the late summer does not excel in precipitation and the September is warm and dry, the plantation can bring forward a late harvest, high-sugar-content, somewhat dried and botrytized crop.

Soil type:
Ramman-style brown forest soil, the main type of the soils belonging to Central-, and Southern-Europe

‘KISHEGY’ 2.39 ha Irsai Olivér: 1 ha Irsai Olivér: 1.39 ha

One of the most compound vinyards in Balatonlelle, which is featured by garden-plot cultivation.

The soil is mostly made up of sand, and not very rich in nutrients. This grants the perfumed white wines a nice acidity.

Soil type:
Ramman-style brown forest soil, the main type of the soils belonging to Central-, and Southern-Europe

6.6 ha Szürkebarát: 3 ha Syrah: 1.5 ha Merlot: 2.1 ha

This is a vinyard of south-, southwestern slope in Balatonboglár.

On the lower side of the vinyard lies the quality white wine Pinot Gris, which in exceptional years may give a late harvest dessert wine. In the upper third of the area lies the varietal Syrah, where the conditions of light are more favourable for the type.

Soil type:
Good soil conditions with some sandy slopes on the lower side.

5.3 ha Sauvignon Blanc: 5.3 ha

The Berkes vinyard is located in Balatonboglár, and its counterpart, Istvándi vinyard lies completely opposite to it.

The Berkes vinyard is of south-southeastern orientation, the Istvándi vinyard is mostly of that of south-, south-west. The grapes grow on slopes doted with fine quality soil.

Soil type:
Ramman-style brown forest soil, the main type of the soils belonging to Central-, and Southern-Europe

‘ILLÉSTETŐ’ 2.1 ha Merlot: 2.1 ha

This western-sloping vinyard is located in Balatonlelle, doted with special climatic capability, where 2 hectares of Merlot is cultivated. Our plantation is situated on the most pictoresque point, in one corner of the vinyard, embraced with forest belts, in complete calmness.

The vine rows are of northern, and southern orientation, so that the wind carries away the humidity settled in the lines at dawn. This soil, with good economy of water and nutrients is perfectly apt for gaining nice red wine material.

Soil type:
Ramman-style brown forest soil, the main type of the soils belonging to Central-, and Southern-Europe.

‘PÚPOS’ 1 ha Cabernet Sauvignon: 1 ha

This is where one of our oldest plantation is located; a versatile, somewhat steep and hard to cultivate ont he western side.

We own a one-hectar plantation here, which, as though gives lower yield each year, its quality is balanced on the 30-year-old stocks of low-cordon cultivation.

Soil type:
Ramman-style brown forest soil, belonging to the soils of Central-, and Southern-Europe.