The antecedents to the story of the enterprise are rooted in 1966, when the founder, Vencel Garamvári acquired his degree at the University of Horticulture in the Industry of winemaking. Somewhat later he became commercial director to one of the biggest sparkling wine plants in the country, earning a 25 year-experience in the making of wines and – chiefly – sparkling wines.
In 1990 the world turned, the country had to reply to new challenges, and he also made a decision to make it independent. He and some enthusiastic, challenge-seeking companions decided to raise the enterprise, under the name „Vinarium”. The firm aimed at representing and selling the best wines in Hungary of some top winemakers of those times.
In 1993 a bigger and decisive step could come alive: the merely commercial activity was gradually changed by vine growing and wine producing.They bought the first vinyards in the hilly area of southern Lake Balaton (villages: Balatonlelle, Szőlősgyörök, Balatonboglár) and founded St.Donatus winery.
The year 1996 brought about a breadkthrough: this was the time when the first „Vincent” sparkling wines came to life, and were launched.
From 2003 the firm changed its name to Garamvári Estate Winery, and it continues its business and agricultural activity in two locations, Balatonlelle and Budafok. The two companies match perfectly, as the bottling takes place mostly in Balatonelle, and this is where the base wine for spakling wines is made. The estate lies on 80 hectares of land, completed with a grape processing plant and an aging cellar
In Budafok the sales center is seated, where sales of the privately grown wines and sparkling wines is performed. What’s more important – the sparkling wine making itself – from base wines grown at Lake Balaton – takes place here.
Members of the family are actively taking part in the life of the estate. They take the direction on the fields of production, commerce and are present in the leadership of the company; the participation is granted by the youngest generation as well.
In 2006 Garamvári Estate Winery earned the honourable title: „Winery of the Year”.
In the same year the Hungarian Wine Academy granted the title of „Winemaker of the Year” to Vencel Garamvári.
In 2015 the company celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation.
Looking back on the years, we can find nicely ordered vine rows, bottling plant in full operation, disgorging line of the latest technology, thousands of sparkling wines on stock in the cellar, renovated central building and numerous articles, presentations, wine tastings and wine dinners.
In the present: newly faceted and newly imaged sparkling wine design; a modern representation on the labels of the company’s coat of arms, the white egret; refurbished manufacturing, orders for holding professional forums; and creating sparkling wines for many top Hungarian winemakers.
The future… is outlying carefully, but one thing is sure:
We want, with our work to create values, and to reserve old values for the coming generations.